Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 21 2010

Just returned from a trip to New Zealand where we visited Alli (pictured above). Kristy and I rented a wonderful flat in Auckland and hung out with Alli (doing a year abroad @ U of Auckland) and her Aussie friend, Lachie, who was brave enough to fly over to meet the parents. We had a wonderful visit with them and then rented a car and headed off to the Coromandel peninsula with Alli for a week of exploration. Sea kayaked, hiked, slept, read and generally took a break. We based in Hahei on the east coast and while we did have significant sideways rain, there were plenty of dry spells for running about. Back at OB now with lots of projects running simultaneously. A lovely bit of rain and gorgeous Fall weather here - how we love this place. This brings our love and best to our huge extended family! The OB Grand Canyon trip just ended and it sounds like we had some pretty happy clients. Thanks to Daan for all his extra effort as well as Creek for his wonderful nightly stories and the team from AZRA.

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