Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 22-28

Our final week of the 2010 season! A great group of people to end with. You might note an almost effusive tenor in my accolades of the weekly clients but the truth is, this sport attracts super dynamic and fun people. It certainly makes our job easier. Ben and Davin showed up because they had seen Rush's movie "Dream Result" (more than once) and noticed the ad for Otter Bar at the end. Wonders never cease (take note Doug Ammons). We did have a blast with this group. Brian and Heidi made a repeat visit and while Brian might have been top gun this week, Heidi proved to herself (and to all of us) that she is far more competent at everything she does than she gives herself credit for. We love this stuff. John and Amy were a riot and one of our most beloved trios (Bill, Carrie, and Justen) made the Otter Bar scene once again. We love them and not just because they keep coming back. And Ray West's performance was notable all week, especially his almost demonic alla "jaws" attire on the day we went diving at Bloomer Falls. A fantastic time was had by all, I think and the inclusion of my ski pals (and their wives) at the end of the week made for the ultimate grand finale for the boss. The food was sublime to boot and the people we will miss the most are Tommy and Kendra who churned out culinary delights for one final fantastic week. Thank you all for being here and check out "our fans" page for photos which you can link to off our home page. p

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