Thursday, February 18, 2010

Selkirk Wilderness Skiing Feb 7-13

Following the week at Valhalla Mountain Touring (see previous post) I made it over to the Selkirks for a week of cat skiing with Brenda Drury's Selkirk Wilderness skiing. Great way to follow a week of climbing and the North sides held solid for excellent boot top shots with 20 or so cm fresh in bits and pieces. Ethan Guerra joined me there for the week and we had a blast, although he kicked my butt in the speed dept. My main ski partner, Frank Warshawski, kept things real (and hilarious) and blasting through the trees was the bomb! So Cal crew was a lot of fun and especially enjoyed Dan Stright's amazing slide show. Many thanks to the amazing chefs (Kate and Marg) as well as the rest of the absolutely fabulous staff at SWS. Lead guides Jason and Justin did a stellar job putting us on to the freshies! Also was a real pleasure reconnecting with Ram and Inga. Hope we meet again and THANKS for a memorable week! Photo address to follow. cheers peter sturges!/album.php?aid=189596&id=611307362&ref=mf

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