Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15 Two weeks in BC

Just returned from two weeks in BC. Had an amazing time and while it wasn't deep pow we had a series of one to four inch storms and it kept things primo. Northern aspect shots were favored and with cold temps and great people and food we had a screaming blast. Spent the first week at Valhalla Mountain Touring where we climbed approx 25,000 feet over 6 days. Jasmine's incredible energy and expertise combined with Annie's off the charts food (up to OB standards) and Collin and Eric's fantastic additional support made for a truly fantastic experience! I have 105 photos from this trip which I will post shortly and will be editing this post later today to tell you where to find them. The second week was spent at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing (cat show) just to the East of VMT. I will include a post and photo later this week on this trip. Hope this finds you all well. Will be headed over to Otter Bar latter today to do some paddling and work and will get Rush to help me figure out how ansd where to post photos! cheers peter Here is the address for the pics

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