Friday, August 1, 2014

July 20 - 26 Kid's week

               This was an amazing kid's week with a stellar team of instructors and a delightful group of great kids! Tons of learning and fun this week with major swimming parties when not paddling on the river. Rush Sturges showed up on Wednesday and treated the kids to a flat water session of tricks. The highlight was when the kids all attacked and tried to sink him. This was more dangerous than running Cherry Bomb falls with half a paddle. After this swimfest, backhoe rides for all featured in the itinerary. The afternoon then progressed to Cascade where the kids had a blast jumping into the pool below the rapid. So much for the day off. Special thanks goes to the amazing instructor crew of Daan, Jess, Ben and Sophie! They put a huge amount of energy into ramping up everyone's skills all week. And Melinda Stearns deserves special mention THANKS as our 5 star camp mom and chef! We had a severe thunderstorm mid week and Melinda saved the day by covering all the tents. New for next year:  Looks like we will expand the kid's courses next year as well as offering an ACA training courses in April taught led by Ben Morton.

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