Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 5 - 11 2013

Amazing first week of the season with a stellar group, great flows and the best camraderie imaginable! Cat and Tim were a major treat after doing a pass on OB last year due to an around the world trip. Great to see Maren and Paulie P back again as well as our Alaskan fishing connection. Steve Barns. Steve left his Airstream here and it is amazing how many drunk guides you can fit in there. Reem Jones styled it, as usual and it was great seeing Craig back after a number of years as well as John Marshall and Jason Morgan. Tons of repeats this week as well as a few new folks. We loved this group and thanks for putting up with our surly staff! Some great new cooks and lodge staff in the wings and while the week had a few bumps we are smooth sailing for the moment!You guys (guests and staff) all make it happen for us and it is a joyous thing!

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