Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 13 - 19

Our second week of the season was a continuation of spectacular weather and flows! A bit too summery, really, but there were no complaints. All sections are in and part of the group did end up on Butler towards the end of the week. Dan and Mary are killing it in the kitchen and Jess and Daan were beyond superb on the river. I know this is a lot of superlatives but... you had to be here. Great seeing Merida, as always and the addition of Paul Popovich for a second week was a treat. Long standing client Cifford Schostal made the scene again and his wry humor and constant medical advice were MUCH appreciated. We also had the delightful Peter Eisner and Miguel Flores make return appearances and it was great to meet Scott Mackenzie. Frank Colver made a cameo mid week and he will return in late june for a week of electric motor cycle riding and pack rafting! It was a super fun week! Thanks for coming!  p

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