Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Off Season!

I know, it's a bit weird having a ski shot of me on a kayak school blog but, hey, the high snow capped peaks will beckon. Mid September @ OB and all is quiet. Tons of salmon in the river - 60 or so at Bloomer falls today! Riding the bike, working on the place, reading,diving you get the drift. Thanks to you all out there for this fine life. Kristy, Rush and Allison just back from Switzerland and we are preparing for a wedding this weekend. Our own Tesilya (Creek's daughter) is getting married here to Brad Sandford. We are expecting 150 or so. We will have dates for the schools and other trips up on the web site shortly - for those who have asked. That said all dates will be the same with the exception of the change in the calender. Grand canyon trip is Sept 5 to 19 2010. It is lovely and cooler now with temps in the low 80's and bits of rain and it all seems worth it. Thanks to you all who made the effort to get here this year. We didn't have a ton of business but some really cool folks showed us to help us through this rough year. I will update this blog periodically during the off season so stay tuned!

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  1. Yeah dad way to update the blog! Love reading about what's going on at home.